FPI Mobile Pumps

8 – 72 Inch Diameter Pumps, Hydraulically Driven

FPI Mobile Axial Flow Pumps

The FPI Mobile Pump is a versatile and complete pump station on wheels. Mobile Pumps are easily towed and ready to pump very high volumes of water within minutes of reaching a location. They require only one man for installation and operation. Lower the pump by powered winch into the water, unroll the flexible discharge hose and just start the Diesel Engine to begin pumping. Everything needed for operation is on the self-contained trailer – Diesel Engine, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Tank and Controls, Safety Shutdowns, Winch and Flexible Discharge Hose. With this versatility, a single Mobile Pump can service multiple pumping locations in the same day – saving time, money and resources.

The pumps are either direct driven or hydraulically driven Axial Flow Pumps. Each is custom designed and built to your specifications. Each is engineered to handle large volumes at maximum efficiency to assure low operating cost. Our Mobile Pumps share the same heavy duty construction, top quality components and materials as our FPI Axial Flow Pumps.