FPI Portable Trash Pumps

8 – 72 Inch Diameter Pumps, Hydraulically Driven

FPI Portable Axial Flow & Trash Pumps

Our Portable Axial Flow Pumps for high volume pumping at low-to-medium head share the same highly efficient four bladed propeller and top quality component material of the industry standard FPI Line Shaft Pumps. Portable axial flow pumps are hydraulically driven and offer advantages over conventional pumps, the foremost being the lack of civil works needed for installation, and ability to position the pump head far from the power unit. Initial installation and any subsequent movements are then quick and inexpensive.

The axial flow pump head is driven by a hydraulic power unit made with the most durable and efficient components available. The hydraulic pump is driven from a diesel, electric motor, or combination drive source. The power unit can be either trailer or skid mounted together with the hydraulic control valve system, oil reservoir, hydraulic oil filter and high capacity fuel tank.