Pump Repair & Station Services

Pump Service and Repair

Our engineers can review your station performance, perform operational and flow tests, identify performance bottle necks and suggest alterations and improvements to the equipment and the station. We repair and service pumps manufactured by our competitors. We replace or repair worn out parts and components to bring the pump performance to original condition. We can modify existing pumps for performance upgrades and changed field conditions. If desired by the client, we will guarantee performance for the repaired pumps based on our test facility performance evaluation. We have field repair service based on the possibility of onsite repair for pumps that are too large or complex for removal.

Pump Engineering & Design

In order to operate at maximum efficiency, a pump must be carefully designed for specific operating conditions. While other companies stock certain sizes and designs, FPI builds each pump with a specific job in mind. Every design and construction element of our pump is custom tailored to its future use, and not the demands of a “similar job”.

Maximum efficiency and reliability results when all parts work smoothly toward a clearly-defined goal. The size and configuration of the pump are determined by the volume and type of fluid to be moved and dynamic head required. Thickness and type of steel, choice of parts and materials, and assembly methods are also dictated by the nature of the job. A pump for fresh water use would not require the same corrosion resistant material needed by a pump for brine.

The type of power supply is determined by the application and customer requirements. FPI can incorporate any type of power source desired, including diesel, electric, electric submersible, propane, natural gas, gasoline and others. Selecting the proper drive to get power to the pump is critical. FPI has extensive experience designing drives to combine reliability, economy and minimize maintenance. We will design the drive whether it is belts, gears, hydraulic or direct to suit your specific job. Designing custom pumps is our only business, something we do every day, not just when a standard product will not adapt to the application. FPI rarely takes more than eight weeks from completion of design to finished construction. That is less time than it takes for most companies to deliver a standard product.

Pump Sales & Support

FPI’s Sales and Technical Support staff are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have about all FPI services and pumping equipment.